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To be the manufacturer of benchmark Power Supply Systems in accordance with current standards, ensuring the reliability of its equipment while simultaneously ensuring commitment to the rigorous criteria of the customer in an environment of cooperation and continuous improvement.


Ensure the reliability of our equipment by ensuring its performance in accordance with the latest innovations in the field of Power Supply Systems.



Fisocrom was founded in 1989 to address the gap in the market for national manufacturers of Power Supply Systems. The initial rectifiers manufactured for the medium-voltage distribution network were thyristor-controlled equipment, designed and developed by Fisocrom’s technical team. As the market became more demanding, with the creation of specifications and technical requirements for Power Supply Systems in medium and high voltage, Fisocrom positively evolved, creating equipment capable of meeting these demands and undergoing laboratory testing.
In 1995, our Factory was opened in Loures, Frielas, with a useful area of 1000m2, located 10 minutes from Lisbon international airport, where Fisocrom created the necessary infrastructure to offer its employees the best possible working conditions, therefore, from the cafeteria to leisure areas, to modern social spaces, areas with adequate air conditioning were also developed. Always taking care to continually improve these facilities, they are currently a space where we can find everything from:
  • Project and Planning Offices
  • Electronics department where the components of our power systems are assembled, such as electronic units, DC/DC converters, rectifier modules, etc., designed by us.
  • Engineering department where smaller components from the electronics department are tested, as well as technical assistance.
  • General Management and Procurement department.
  • Two large distinct Areas for the Production and Assembly of Power Supply Systems, the area of greatest implementation of the factory.
  • Metalworking to support Production.
  • Warehouse to support Production and Electronics and Warehouse for finished products.
  • Leisure area with terrace
  • Meeting room with audiovisual media and capacity for 10 people
  • Administration office
  • Administrative services office where the Quality and Safety department, the Technical-Commercial department, the administrative/Financial and HR department are located, as well as accounting services.
  • Coiling section with kiln included and dedicated warehouse.
  • Training room with audiovisual media and capacity for 20 people
  • Dining room and social room with audiovisual media
  • Two packaging and shipping support areas equipped with lifting equipment
  • Quality Control room where our customers are received to check the full functions of the Power Supply Systems manufactured by Fisocrom. This space contains the most modern measuring equipment for analysis and testing, calibrated by a certified laboratory, as well as audiovisual support.
In 1997, the transition to Switching Rectifier Systems took place, where it was possible to implement the first remote supervision systems, at the time driven by the supply of the first twenty Substations to EDP, which included the North and South Substations of Expo 98 that Portugal was so proud of. The increase in the implementation of Wind Farms in the national territory, in 2008, arose with the emergence of the ENEOP2 consortium and provided the opportunity for Fisocrom to develop equipment that would suit the largest project ever in this area, thus making Fisocrom the main supplier of Power Supply Systems for Wind Farms in Portugal. In addition to monitoring the market, Fisocrom is guided by the constant search for innovation in its equipment and the consequent introduction of new solutions that, in turn, allow the market to evolve.
An example of this was the development of 800V fast chargers for electric buses named ‘RAVE’, in 2015, a pioneering project in Portugal, which allowed the supply of equipment to several international airports, such as Geneve airport, Stuttgard airport, Montréal airport, Toronto and Vancouver. Also within the scope of this project, 150kW / 800VDC Fast Charging Systems were manufactured by Fisocrom for several heavy vehicle factories, including Scania, Daimler, Volvo and Renault. Still in the continuity of these Systems, Fisocrom is proud to have supplied in December 2019 the first two electric bus chargers in service in Manhattan, New York, having concluded a satisfactory experience two years later, we were awarded twenty systems of 150kW / 800V that still ensure the smooth operation of part of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) electric bus fleet today. Thus began a process of supplying more than 150 pieces of equipment spread across various fleets of urban buses in the United States of America and Canada. This project concluded with the transfer of Fisocrom’s Know-How through a Royalty system to a company in the USA.
Photo of RAVE Systems 800V 150kW in New York
In 2020 and beyond, during the pandemic, FISOCROM ensured that the project for Remote Supervision of systems through HTML5, a language used for publishing content (text, images, videos, audio, etc.) on the web, should be the solution to implement in the new Power Supply Systems, as has been done.
From the year 2024 and in the future, Fisocrom intends to achieve a greater share in international markets, continuing to supply systems to Iraq, Angola, Mozambique, Kenya, etc., where we have some equipment installed. The Design and Manufacture of Power Supply Systems has been Fisocrom’s Core Business since its foundation more than 30 years ago. All this proven experience in the market allows us to maintain a relationship of trust with all our partners.