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SW110V12A | AC/DC system in wall cabinet with batteries included  

  • Polyester wall cabinet with a glass door and dimensions of 190mm(H) x 500mm(W) x 320mm(D)
  • Input: 100Vac to 264Vac / 50Hz / CFP > 0.99
  • Output: 110Vdc (AE1500-120 Rectifier Module) in parallel with 9 blocks (connected in series) of 7Ah/10h VRLA acid battery
  • Other options:
    • Output: 48Vdc (AE1500-48 Rectifier Module) in parallel with 4 blocks (connected in series) of 28Ah/10h VRLA acid battery
    • Output: 24Vdc (AE1500-24 Rectifier Module) in parallel with 2 blocks (connected in series) of 50Ah/10h VRLA acid battery
  • Variation of Output voltage depending on the cabinet’s interior temperature, controlled by the C22-URR unit
  • Battery current limiting controlled by I22-URR unit
  • Manual battery capacity test (unit C22-URR)
  • Stainless steel support and liquid retention basin
  • Input, Output and Battery Protection Circuit Breakers
  • Tele-signaling (CLP) by potentially potential-free contacts of General Fault / Mains Fault / Battery Fault / Low DC Voltage
  • Digital or analog voltmeters and ammeters for measuring output voltage, rectifier current, charging and discharging current of batteries
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • EU Declaration of Conformity