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Rack for high capacity

  • Single- or double-decker shelving unit suitable for large rooms
  • Anti-seismic range, this rack is prepared to receive any type of battery elements, either Alkaline or Acid
  • Easy to assemble and understand, it includes the supply of accessories such as connectors between elements, cables between floors, etc.
  • Treatment and painting of the entire structure, suitable for use in the harshest ambient conditions
  • Anti-seismic crossbars for inhibition of oscillation of battery elements
  • Liquid retention basin enclosing the entire racking structure, when requested
  • Battery Protection Board customized for each project, manufactured by Fisocrom, including protection organs, clamping terminals, etc.
  • Temperature probe with information for the Fisocrom range RM power supply system, located in a strategic place on the rack with interconnection to the battery protection panel
  • Pre-wiring by means of flame-retardant cables of suitable cross-section and flame-retardant RhorFlex tube
  • Holes for fixing the shelving unit to the floor using screws up to M12
  • 2 to 5 Year Warranty
  • EU Declaration of Conformity