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RM 110V 3×25-O

Complete Power Supply with 1 reduntant DC output, 1 redudant AC output

  • High Fidelity and easy replacement
  • Proved structure in hostile environments
  • Input : Universal 230Vac/400Vac
  • Output Nr.1 : 110Vdc/125Vdc/48Vdc or 24Vdc
  • Output Nr.2 : 110Vac or 230Vac
  • Modularity and Redundancy N+1 of easy replacement
  • 3 AC/DC Switching Modules FR4000D of up to 12KW
  • 3 AC/DC Switching Modules FR6000D of up to 18KW (optional)
  • Reduntant Inverters System (4×2,5KVA)
  • Local and Remote Supervision through the Supervision Module “MSC”
  • Resident WebServer on the Supervision Module Software “MSC”
  • Communications via TCP/IP
  • Batteries in Inferior Division: 125V/110V/48V or 24V
  • Incorporation of Acid Batteries up to 510Ah/10h (48Vdc)
  • Battery Status and Charge Management
  • Warranty of 2 to 5 Years
  • CE Marking
  • Made in Portugal by Fisocrom


  • Medium Voltage Substations/Distribution
  • Wind Farm Substations- Medium Voltage
  • Energy producing Centrals