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FR 4000 D

  • Box type Sub-Rack 19″ 2U
  • Warranty of 2 to 5 Years
  • CE Marking
  • Made in Portugal by Fisocrom
  • Box prepared to be embedded in 19″ 2U Sub-Rack
  • Pluggable or clamping Terminals
  • Synchronize and Control by Supervision Module “MSC”
  • Input: Universal 100Vac to 264Vac- 50Hz/60Hz
  • Possible Output: 250Vdc/125Vdc/110Vdc/48Vdc/24Vdc
  • Maximum Output Power of 4000W
  • High Fidelity and easy replacement
  • Proved structure in hostile environments
  • Local Signaling by LED
  • Signaling: Input Voltage/Output Voltage/ON Control/Malfunction
  • Manual Mode: Output Voltage Control by frontal potentiometer
  • Malfunction Information: by Free of Potential Contacts

Switching Module used in

  • Power Supply Systems type RM
  • Individual/ Emergency Mode