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Alkaline batteries in double cabinet

With shelves and stainless steel trays for fluid retention

  • Prepared for 90 cells of alkaline battery up to 210Ah/10h
  • Cabinet with natural cooling and proper treatment
  • Acess to all of the components that integrate the system
  • Easy viewing of the electrolyte level in each element
  • All Wiring with fireproof cables
  • Fixed shelves in stainless steel with draining of liquids
  • Two removable trays in stainless steel for fluid retention
  • Battery protection by circuit breaker with opening information
  • Temperature probe
  • Gas measuring device (optional)
  • Power terminals strip and Teleinformation
  • Warranty of 2 to S Years
  • CE Marking


  • Medium Voltage Substations/Distribution
  • Medium and High Voltage Eolic Farms Substations
  • Energy producing Centrals
  • Industrial Application