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FC DC/DC Converters

800 Watt DC/DC converter, with natural convection, Hot plugging. Designed for operation in Substations, Repeater Stations, Switching or Cutting Stations, Industry and Data.

FC-DC/DC Converter 110/48-15 (Output 50Vdc 15A)

  • Natural Convection
  • Demonstrated life expectancy exceeding 25 years.
  • Input Voltage 90Vdc to 145Vdc
  • High Reliability and Performance
  • Voltage adjustment in manual mode
  • Input signaling voltage presence (Green LED), DC Low/High (Red LED) and Fuse Blowing
  • Output signaling of voltage presence (Green LED), DC Low/High (Red LED), Fuse Blowing, and short circuit
  • DC high voltage reset button
Use in Fisocrom Systems Range: RM, AS and AE