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6 | FB110V12K230V | DC/AC Inverter System in wall cabinet

  • Wall cabinet with a glass door and a second door to access the rear part of the Inverters, clamping terminals and other system components
  • DC Input Voltage: 110Vdc (other voltage range available)
  • 230Vac/50Hz bypass input
  • Output 230Vac/50Hz/10kW/12kVa (4x Bravo 25 inverters)
  • Flexible modular configuration (N+1)
  • Hot Plugging Bravo 25 Inverters
  • Protection circuit breakers for system inputs and outputs
  • Two Outputs available and protected by Circuit Breaker (other options available)
  • Emergency socket protected by circuit breakers with easy access
  • Tele-signaling with potential-free contacts
  • Digital voltmeters for measuring DC input voltage and AC output voltage
  • Warranty of 2 Years
  • EU Declaration of Conformity