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Cabinet with fixed shelves

VNF type Battery Cabinets – To ensure easy maintenance, fixing and correct support, Fisocrom has developed, over more than 34 years of experience, battery cabinets that ensure these assumptions.
Example of this cabinet using fixed shelves to support elements with liquid drainage into the retention basin.

  • Single (1VNF), Double (2VNF) or Triple (3VNF) Battery Cabinet
  • Capacity to support various types of battery elements
  • Indoor cabinet with powder surface treatment
  • Proper cooling by means of anti-splash water sprinkles
  • Power, Tele-Signaling and Temperature Probe Terminals
  • Battery Protection by Circuit Breaker or Disconnector w/ Tele-Signaling
  • Built-in temperature probe with information for the RM Range System
  • Pre-wiring by means of flame-retardant cables and suitable cross-section
  • Capacity per Cabinet up to 1200Kg
  • Shelves with load capacity up to 150Kg without deformation
  • Stainless steel shelves with liquid retention and drain routed by Cristalflex tube to stainless steel retention basin
  • Anti-seismic crossbars for inhibition of oscillation of battery elements
  • Pre-wiring by means of flame-retardant cables of suitable cross-section and RhorFlex flame-retardant tube
  • Four holes for fixing the cabinet to the floor using M12 screws
  • Removable plinth for easy transport and movement
  • 2 to 5 Year Warranty
  • EU Declaration of Conformity