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AE Switching Rectifiers

Rack prepared for three 1500 Wats Modular Rectifiers, hot plugging. Designed for operation in Substations, Repeater Stations, Switching or Cutting Stations, Industry and Data.

RACK-3AE-1500-120 (Output 120Vcc 40A)

  • Input Voltage
    • Universal 100 to 264Vac
  • High density of Power -0.8W/cm3
  • High Reliability and Performance
  • Voltage adjustment (in local mode)
  • Automatic current distribution Output
  • Output voltage presence signaling (Green Led), C22-URR unit control signaling (Blue Led) and DC/DC Converter Individual Fault Signaling (Red Led)
Use in Fisocrom Systems Range: RM, AS and AE