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2xRM110V36K9SD | Redundant system with two high power DC output voltage

  • Two Rectifiers range RM250V36K, RM110V36K or RM48V36K + 9SD
  • Input: 400Vac / 50Hz / PFC > 0.99
  • Output at 110Vdc/480A (6+6xFR6K-120Vdc/40A)
  • Output at 48Vdc/200A (9xSD DC/DC-48Vdc/22A Converters)
  • Modular design (N+1) for flexible configuration
  • Hot plugging Switching rectifier FR120V/40A
  • Hot plugging SD DC/DC Converters
  • Hot plugging ground fault detection unit (DPT)
  • Independent maximum voltage sensor 110Vdc (SMT)
  • 10″ touch color screen HMI webserver mirror
  • Hot plugging supervision and control module (MSC)
  • WebServer Software (HTML5) residing inside MSC
  • Communications TCP/IP / IEC61850 / IEC60870-5-104 / others
  • Emergency mode, in case of MSC failure or extraction, the 110Vdc and the 48Vdc, remain at the predefined values
  • Flexibility for various types of batteries
  • Battery Status and Charge Management
  • Warranty of 2 to 5 Years
  • EU Declaration of Conformity