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2xAS24V6K3SD+BAT – Dual Simplified DC Power System plus Battery in the same cabinet

  • Input: 400Vac / 50Hz / CFP > 0.99
  • 6kVa Isolation Transformer
  • Output at 24Vdc / 200A (2xFR4K24V100A) 110Vdc/48Vdc optional
  • Flexible modular configuration (N+1)
  • Hot Plugging Switching Rectifier (FR)
  • Diode reduction system (optional)
  • Hot plugging ground fault detection unit (DPT)
  • Independent 110Vdc Maximum Voltage Sensor (SMT)
  • Tele-signaling unit (CLP) with potential-free contacts
  • Digital or analog voltmeters and ammeters for measuring battery voltage/current and output voltage/current
  • VRLA type batteries with capacity up to 800Ah, (24V) fixed in 2 shelves with liquid drainage to the retention basin (other solutions available)
  • Output voltage variation according to the temperature
  • Manual Battery Capacity Testing
  • Flexibility with various types of batteries
  • Warranty of 2 to 5 Years
  • EU Declaration of Conformity