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To be the manufacturer of benchmark Power Systems in accordance with current standards, ensuring the reliability of its equipment while simultaneously ensuring commitment to the rigorous criteria of the customer in an environment of cooperation and continuous improvement.


Ensure the reliability of our equipment by ensuring its performance in accordance with the latest innovations in the field of Power Supply Systems.



Fisocrom was founded in 1989 to address the gap in the market for national manufacturers of Power Supply Systems. The initial rectifiers manufactured for the medium-voltage distribution network were thyristor-controlled equipment, designed and developed by Fisocrom’s technical team. As the market became more demanding, with the creation of specifications and technical requirements for Power Supply Systems in medium and high voltage, Fisocrom positively evolved, creating equipment capable of meeting these demands and undergoing laboratory testing.
The increased implementation of Wind Farms in the national territory in 2008 provided Fisocrom with the opportunity to develop equipment tailored to the project, becoming the main supplier of Power Supply Systems for Wind Farms in Portugal.

In addition to market monitoring, Fisocrom is characterized by a constant search for innovation in its equipment and the introduction of new solutions, enabling market evolution. An example of this was the development of 800V chargers for electric buses in 2015, a pioneering project in Portugal. This initiative allowed the supply of equipment to various international airports and factories of heavy-duty vehicles (Scania, Daimler, among others). Over 150 units were supplied to urban bus fleets in the United States. The project concluded with the transfer of Fisocrom’s Know-How through a Royalties system.

We aspire to reach new markets internationally, including Angola and Kenya, where we already have some installed equipment.

The design and manufacturing of Power Supply Systems have been Fisocrom’s Core Business since its foundation over 30 years ago. This proven market experience enables us to maintain a relationship of trust with all our partners.